Monica Taddei

contact: monica.taddei@gmail.com

I am 3D generalist specialising in modelling based in London, UK.

I worked for Cinesite (John Carter, WWZ) on environments, digi-doubles and props,  for The Mill (several commercials, making anything from anatomy and animals to props),  for The Moving Picture Company (again, several commercials, including the award winning Cadbury’s Spots vs Stripes) and for many other companies.  Among them, Blue Zoo Productions (London, lead modeller on a BBC kids series) and for the creative animation studio Aproductions in Bristol.

I enjoy working on props, characters and environments, from concept, illustration, direction or from my own design and on both hard surface and organic models.

Technical skills

3D modeller/generalist specialising in modeling of props, environments, digi doubles.

Hard surface and organic, unwrapping, texturing, blend shapes for facial deformation, cloth for symming.

Sculpting (mainly Mudbox, some Zbrush)

Knowledge of nCloth and Mental Ray.

Maya, Mudbox, Photoshop, After Effects, 3DMax, some Nuke, Cyslice and nCloth.

List of credits

-The Mill, London, 3D modeller (freelance)
Commercials: Guinness “The cloud”, Tropicana “Trop50 chimp”, Cathay Airlines “Dragon”, Robbie Williams Sky ident, Voltaren, Comfort.

-Cinesite, London, 3D modeller (digi doubles, environments, props)

Movies: John Carter (Disney Pixar), World War  Z.

-Moving Picture Company commercials: (London), 3D artist/modeller:

Commercials: Cadburys “Olympics – Spots vs Stripes” (Outstanding Animated Commercial at the 9th Annual Ves Awards),  Merceds “Next Revolution”, Shell “Lab”, Strongbow “Honours”, SYFY channel promo 2010, Samsung “Galaxy-Start Something”, Philips “SensoTouch”, Sprite, Channel 4 Jamie Oliver “30 minutes meals”, ITV “Brighter Side-Dodgems”, Toyota “Carline”, Orange, H.Samuels “Mr Sparkles” Christmas 2009 and 2010.

-Blue Zoo,  Lead Modeller on BBC/Studio 100 “Kerwhizz”,  on 24 episodes.

-Trunk Animation/Red Bee, London,  modeller/generalist

Projects: “Fun facts” – British Animation Awards Winner for “Best Film and TV Graphics”, “Best Educational, Scientific or Industrial Film” at Annecy International Animation Festival

-Aproductions: responsible for all assets and 3D modeller on “Where’s Boo?” series 2:  Tell-Tale/Entertainment Rights/BBC-Cbeebies.

-Some other miscellaneous companies I worked for: Wieden Kennedy/UTR  (“Discovery”  SpaceNK Beauty Apothecary), Cartoon Network, SKY-Subvision,  Aproductions-Microsoft UK (promo for Disney Pirates of the Caribbean), Chase Animation,  Atlantic Digital, FlashbackTV, KeyframeStudios, Medi-Mation.


I have a professional one year degree in 3D animation  released by the National Animation and Design Center of Quebec, Canada (attended in Italy at a media center comprising of  studios). Publicly funded, the dozen placements available were accessible only through examination and I was lucky enough to be chosen.

Before that, I gained a three year university degree in general media with a technological oriented thesis on Electronic Paper and its applications which earned me a 30 cum laude (University Per Stranieri of Perugia, Italy).

I attended a  five years Humanities high school (very similar to a grammar school but of free entry), finishing with a 58/60.

I keep up with short 3D courses, books and online tutoring and have completed an Anatomy for 3D Artists course.

About me

Having some experience in theatre set design, costume and prop-making for small budget productions I have learnt how to optimize resources, how to build things and how they work from reality. In one occasion for example, I built large props in wireframe, meaning that I spent days bending actual metal wire with pliers (there’s no better tutorial to learn good wireframe topology). I also like seeing things and characters in context, in their own bigger picture, as that is the best way to make a scene work and its story to be told. I enjoy scavanging props from flea markets or designing and assembling them, of my design or others’.  I like vintage and antique objects and how they work and why.

The most interesting aspect of a character for me is how his or her nature, needs, past, aspirations and stories transpire through the attitude, posture, gesture, clothing and accessories: for example, the way some people wear glasses, on the very tip of their nose. The anatomical aspect is very interesting, too, as it reflects habits and emotional states but also in its most basic mechanical nature, as a system of pulleys for example. The appearance tells a story, as the way of moving, the accent and the gestures do. Having been an avid reader since childhood,  I got to love classics such as Daniel Defoe, Charles Dickens, Jonathan Swift, R.L. Stevenson, Mary Shelley, Bram Stoker, among the others, and their ability to describe things, places and people so vividly that every single time you read them the same images play in your head, like a movie. That’s why I always try to think of the big picture, at the use and collocation of a 3D model in its environment, how it’s going to help telling the story or delivering the sensation one is trying to achieve.

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